Hope Always

Bible Study

What does what mean? How do we do it? We hear our Pastors say we need to study our Bible, and read it. So what is the difference?

Well to me this is the most amazing Bible there is to really have a Bible "study" with. It is called The Quest Study Bible.

If you want to get an inside look check this out:

Plus it comes in leather in all different colors:
But is it so much more than colors....

The Quest Study Bible, gives us such an amazing insight and understanding to God's Word! Just 

when you have a question about some scripture you just read, you look to the the outer left, right and below boxes and you instantly gain a deeper understanding, and a way to apply it to your own life! Plus there are many, many references to other places you can read for similar teachings, to give you the full story!

The New International Version is very good, easy to comprehend, and relative!

The colors are versatile for male or female with blue/green or turquoise/brown
This is the one you will get to view inside from the link above! It was in fact the very first one I was blessed with finding!