Hope Always
I would like to thank this website Rheta & Aldo McPherson please add it to your bookmarks and listen to the videos and read the letters. First watch their story. You will never be the same again. 

As I was listening to one of Rheta's "weekly video messages" Rheta mentions a cd she listens to called "365 Names of GOD by John Paul Jackson. A quick search showed me it was under my nose the whole time - in iTunes and Amazon. Both have previews of the Cd's available and both can be purchased immediately as downloads MP3's. For $8.99-$9.99 or single purchases of .99 each. GO there listen to the previews. Check out Amazon or just open up your iTunes store and search 365 Names of GOD or John Paul Jackson. Here is a just a few Names:
  • I AM the source of true wealth
  • I AM My Spirit
  • I AM and you shall know My names
  • I AM you next breath
  • I AM the healing you seek
  • I AM GOD who gives you visions
  • I AM Wisdom
  • I AM your Father
  • I AM your Provider (Jehovah Jireh)
  • I AM the dispeller of all doubt
  • I AM Compassion
  • I AM your Friend
  • I AM The GOD of Knowledge
  • I AM the giver of abundant life
  • I AM your strength
  • I AM the Word of Life called the Bible